Big Bob Carter is the father of Bobby Carter jr and Lynn Carter, Brenda Carter he also is Doug's father in law, he is Ethels husband. Bob is a retired police detective from Cleveland Ohio. Bob is a republician and a NRA member.He owns several guns including the infamous Big Bobs Magnum. He is a strong smart man but soon after he and his family crash the car he travels to the gas station where they stopped at earlier in the trip, he gets there by night, he finds a ear and some stolen goods in the gas station but no sign of Fred the gas station owner, he then go's outside to 'borrow Freds car but see's Fred in the outhouse outside he then opens the out house door to find fred holding a 12 gauge shotgun he immediatly orders him to drop the gun fred then shoots himself in the head, a terrified Bob soon hears Papa Jupiter screaming 'daddy!' at him from the shadows in a eviel way. Big Bob fires 4 rounds of his 357 magnum where he belives Papa Jupiter is hiding but he runs and gets in the car to find Papa Jupiter in the back seat Bob attemps to pull out his Magnum but Papa Jupiter quickly bashes his head against the windsheld and side windows, leaving Bob semi awake.Bob is then stripped of his weapons crucified to a stake, and set ablaze.He died of his burns and injurys alike. He was a brave strong man, god bless his soul!