A bald mutant, large and tall. He is named Chameleon because of his skin texture, which is almost like rock, helping him blend in with the surroundings. Chameleon is one of the more violent of the Hill people but has a childishness about him and he also has a great fear of his father Hades. Chameleon's name is a direct reference to the chameleon animal, with which he shares an extra long tongue and the ability to blend in with his surroundings.

Chameleon captures a young female soldier named Missy and brings her back to the mines. Missy, being the only female other than Amber, was chosen because of her greater attractiveness, also possibly due to the fact that Amber looked too similar to the female Hades had failed to have a child with, and that Missy was not Caucasian and therefore more exotic to him. He calls her "Mama", indicating he might want to make her pregnant. Chameleon then attacks and attempts to rape Missy, but before he could penetrate/impregnate her, he has his tongue bitten off by her and is thrown off Missy by Hades, who rapes her and claims her womb by impregnating her with his own baby. As he complains about being deprived of sex, his injuries, and the chance to have a child of his own (through Missy), Chameleon is shot and gives chase to his attackers, Amber and Napoleon, throwing the latter into the wall. Chameleon is finally killed by Napoleon who, after Amber gouges his eye, maniacally begins pulverizing Chameleon's head with a rock.