Goggle is the lookout for the Jupiter's Clan, Goggle resides in the hills, using a pair of binoculars to spy on and observe anyone who passes into the desert; Goggle's attire consists of a large coat and a bowler hat, and his mutation consists of him having two patchjob slits on his face in place of a nose, as well as patchy pink and red skin-as well as a lack of hair. Goggle is the counterpart of Mercury, a character and villain from the original 1977 version of The Hills Have Eyes. For the most part, Goggle spends most of the film simply spying on the Carter family with his binoculars. When the family's pet dog, Beauty, is accidentally let out and runs into the hills, she is found by Goggle, who dismembers her and eats a portion of her leg, leaving character Bobby Carter to find her grisly remains. When Bobby knocks himself unconscious after falling, Goggle is kept from noticing him by Ruby, who safeguards the knocked out Bobby. Later, while surveying the Carter family trailer, Goggle is brutally attacked by the Carter's other pet dog, Beast, who mauls Goggle and kills him by tearing out his throat. Goggle's arm, torn from his body and still clutching a walkie-talkie, is later taken by Beast to the Carters.

Goggle, identifiable only by his bowler derby, can be seen in The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning aiding various other mutants in killing the original inhabitants of the nuclear test village; Goggle kills a man repairing his car by slamming the hood of the vehicle down on the man's head with enough force to instantly kill him.



Goggle is the modern counterpart of Mercury from the original version of The Hills Have Eyes.