Letch is another violent attacker of the hill people and is one of Hades' children. He has tumor like growths all over his face body, similar to the welts and scabs on Chameleon. Despite his large frame, he is agile. Letch is a ruthless killer and goes around wearing looted army attire.

Letch first kills Dr. Foster by swinging an ax into his head, then he brutally injures Colonel Redding by impaling him with a spear and swinging him over a cliff. When the soldiers arrive, he kills Stump, as he is climbing down a jagged cliff, charging from a cave and slicing off his arm, which he uses to wave to Stump as he falls to his death. Letch later shoves Napoleon to the ground as he is inspecting various dummies placed in a room, attempting to attack Amber. Letch is poised to rape Amber, but his foot is sliced by Napoleon's bayonet, and then Amber repeatedly stabs him with the bayonet, killing him.