Ryan was a head solider in The Hills have Eyes: The Beginning
Lieutenant Ryan

Lieutenant Ryan wearing a bandana to intimidate his captors.

Lieutenant Ryan was a tough appearing troop in the U.S. Army. Though at the rank of lietuenant, Ryan was a ruthless and cruel coward who didn't even seem to care about the people he was meant to protect.

When Yuma Flatts was planned to be used in nuclear bombing tests, Ryan's men were ordered into the town to advise the villagers to leave and even offered to purchase their homes but the townsfolk, most notably Karen sawney bean and her husband, angrily refused, stating that it was their town and as Americans they shouldn't be forced out of their home.

That night, Ryan and his men visit a club outside of town and get highly intoxicated, considering going back to Yuma Flatts to "renegotiate" the situation. The drunken men put bandanas on their mouths and chins to partially disguise themselves and drive back to town in trucks. They pull Karen, her husband, and her son out onto the streets from their sleep and Ryan immediately takes control of the meeting. He forces Karen to watch as he personally brutalizes her husband and threatens her 5-9 year old son. Ryan, going sadistic, shoves his rifle in her son's face and laughs at him, to which Dan springs up and Ryan accidentally shoots his forehead out. The frightened men quickly go back into the vehicles as the shot alerts the neighbors and Ryan threatens Karen and her son aggresively before fleeing.

The next morning, the sober and more confident Ryan head off to Yuma Flatts with the rest of his men to try to evacuate the town again but are meant with shots fired from sniprs in the hills, lead by Karen. The bloodbath ends with Ryan fleeing the scene with his left ear lobe shot off.