Pluto is one of the more imposing of the mutants, being extremely large in size and exceptionally strong, shown to be capable of lifting and throwing a fully grown adult with one arm; Pluto possesses a misshapen head and face and appears to be mentally impaired. Though based upon the character of the same name from the original two The Hills Have Eyes films, Pluto is closer to the character Mercury of the first in demeanor, who, like Pluto, appears to be mentally challenged. Pluto is the first mutant to appear in The Hills Have Eyes, appearing to attack a trio of men in NBC suits investigating the desert with a pickaxe, killing them and dragging them away, chained to the back of their own pickup truck. Pluto later appears in the film helping Lizard and Papa Jupiter drag the semi-conscious Bob Carter into their lair.

Later, Pluto breaks into the Carter family's trailer and captures Brenda Carter, radioing his family to tell them to cause an explosion and to set ablaze Bob Carter as a distraction so he can violate Brenda; Pluto is interrupted in his assault on Brenda by his cousin Lizard, he pushes him aside to get to Brenda himself, enraging Pluto and causing him to have a violent tantrum in the trailer, only stopping when he notices the infant Catherine Bukowski. Pluto later leaves the trailer, taking Catherine with him, after Lizard rapes Brenda and mortally wounds Ethel Carter and Lynn Bukowski.

After telling Doug Bukowski, Catherine's father, of the origin of the mutants, Big Brain has Pluto attack him. Chasing Doug throughout Big Brain's house, Pluto is briefly stopped in his chasing of Doug by Beast, Doug's pet dog, who attacks Pluto; beating Beast unconscious, Pluto resumes attacking Doug and eventually beats him into submission, chopping off two of his fingers with his axe. As Doug lay on the ground in front of Pluto, pathetically wielding a screwdriver, the nearby Big Brain begins to mock Doug's begging of Pluto not to kill him. Big Brain's mocking of Doug briefly distracts Pluto, allowing Doug to attack him with the screwdriver, impaling his foot with it, which causes Pluto to begin screaming in pain. As Pluto is left yelling, Doug, using a small American flag, impales him through the neck and put him out of the misery of choking on his own blood by striking him in the head with his own dropped axe.


It was stated in a interview that Plutos charactor is a dog like creature who does the heavy lifting.


Pluto is loosely based off of the Pluto from the original film, for his deformed head, and Mercury from the original, for his apparent mental deficiency.