Cecile Breccia

The opening of The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) starts off with a woman in labor being observed by lead-hills mutant Papa Hades (Michael Bailey Smith). Papa Hades pulls the baby from the mother and watches it die. A few seconds later, he kills the woman.


An un-named Pregnant Woman (Cecile Breccia), was a woman captured by Hades and his surviving clan, and was repeatedly tortured and raped until she fell pregnant with Hades' mutant baby. After 9 months in captivity, restrained to a mattress and left naked in the scorching heat and exposed to the elements, the woman fell in painful labor. As she gave birth, Papa Hades stood by her side, waiting for the baby. Soon, the baby emerged, slowly due to its massive size and the mother's weakened body. When the baby was halfway out, Hades grew impatient and ripped the baby out himself, umbilical cord and all. After the baby died mere seconds after birth (due to its mutant organs not being able to function), Hades killed the woman.


Papa Hades (Michael Bailey Smith)

Papa Hades Mutant

Mutant Baby

Hades baby