The United States Army is America's main branch of the armed forces responsible for land and infantry warfare.
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It's reserve components are the United States Army Reserve and the United States Army National Guard.

Place in The Hills have EyesEdit

The Hills have Eyes: The BeginningEdit

The Army is featured quite prominantly in the graphic novel and is portrayed as being almost directly responsible for the mutants inhabiting the desert. During the 1940s when nuclear weapons were being tested the army was sent into the desert town of Yuma Flats, New Mexico to notify the townspeople that the government would soon use the area for nuclear weapon testing and offered contracts to have their homes sold. All villagers refused, culminating in soldiers returning that night and brutalizing a family, accidentaly killing a father and husband. The soldiers threatened the widow and her son to gather everyone and sign the contracts or everyone would be punished. When the army returned the next day they were forced out by snipers in the hills made up of the townspeople. Several men were killed and the next day the army invaded with tanks, destroying everything in sight and killing dozens of inoocent people. Those that survived were forced to flee to the mines in the hills. Days later the Army conducted multiple bomb tests and the radiation would soon mutate the former inhabitants.

Throughout the tests, multiple army camps and bunkers were set up in the area, once the mine dwellers were fully mutated and gone sadistic they attacked the Army in revenge and hunger and everyone was killed before they fleed again to the unknown mines. The army was forced to leave and hault the tests after this and the mutants took back their homes, killing any authority figure that would investigate.

The Hills have EyesEdit

The Army is almost completely non-prominent in The Hills have Eyes remake. The only significance is of footage of soldiers and bombs being tested in old footage and multiple mentionings of the army conducting the bomb tests. In the next film it is revealed that a good portion of Yuma Flatts was bombed after the events of the first film, erradicating most of the mutants.

The Hills have Eyes 2Edit

The army plays very key roles in the second film. It follows a group of Army National Guard trainees battling the mutants at a base camp in the desert. A colonol in the army reveals to the trainees that the base was set up for surveillance, believing that some of the mutants may have survived the bombings. Most of the trainees and all of the army personel were slaughtered.

Notable Characters in the U.S. ArmyEdit

Lieutenant Ryan

David Napoli